Der Begriff MapReduce ist bei vielen automatisch mit Apache Hadoop verbunden. Apache Hadoop ist ein Framework, mit welchem sich MapReduce Berechnungen auf sehr großen Datenbeständen […]

What if you are not sure, whether you can fully trust your test suite? What if your doubts stop you from making necessary refactorings? If […]

In my last blog post, you have learnt how to introduce Robolectric. Unfortunately, when you start using Android flavors, the whole concept starts to collapse. […]

Set Of Problems Writing unit tests with the default Android Testing Support library is a time-consuming job. Although it is already possible to use JUnit […]

Spring Batch is a popular implementation of JSR 352. But how can it be used in a Java EE application server environment using CDI-Beans. In […]

After almost one year of hard work the Agile Quality Engineering Team is happy to annouce that testIT LivingDoc is OpenSource. Thank you for your […]

Jez Humble, Mitautor von “Continuous Delivery”, stellt gerne folgende drei Fragen, um zu vermitteln, worum es bei Continuous Integration (CI) wirklich geht: Checkt jeder Entwickler […]

Git is really an awesome tool, but today I stumbled to an awkward situation after executing git’s stash pop command. What happened was that before executing […]

Docker is a great framework. Just this long and cryptic syntax is sometimes cumbersome. Thus you usually create scripts to run your containers. Did you […]

This is the last part of my blog post series about the build tool Gradle. In the other two parts (Part 1, Part 2), I […]

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