Few months ago my college Alexander Wert and I were helping one client from the banking sector to improve the performance on their newly deployed web […]

Expert-guided Automatic Diagnosis of Performance Problems in Enterprise Applications at Runtime Quality attributes of enterprise software applications such as performance, availability, and reliability have a […]

I think the “Docker fever” hit me really hard. After gotten introduced to this great gem of virtualization, I really wonder how we ever did […]

Heureka, finally we managed to release the new version 1.5 of inspectIT. This release was once again quite a big one. Actually we even intended to […]

loadIT is a free of charge load testing tool. In order to generate load on the system under test, loadIT executes scripted tests with multiple […]

Setup inspectIT in order to diagnose problems within systems is usually quite easy. However, the Devil is in the detail. One of the pitfalls might […]

I first heard about Garbage First (G1) collector on a presentation given by my college Thomas Kluge few months ago.  He also wrote a nice […]

Garbage First (G1) ist eine neue Implementierung der Speicherverwaltung einer Java Virtual Maschine. Der G1 ist entwickelt worden um das Speicherverhalten einer JVM mit großem […]

Kieker Monitoring (http://kieker-monitoring.net/) is a free, open-source application performance monitoring and dynamics software analysis framework, that is developed by the university of Kiel and the […]

Lately I was struggling with the JMX configuration of the glassfish application server (version 3.2.1) longer than initially expected. Maybe I should have read the […]

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