On July 15, 2016 a new stable version of the open-source Application Performance Management (APM) tool inspectIT has been released.  With about two years of […]

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is a non-profit corporation developing and maintaining benchmarks for evaluating the performance of computers. The SPEC Research Group is […]

Few months ago my college Alexander Wert and I were helping one client from the banking sector to improve the performance on their newly deployed web […]

Hey everyone, In this blog post I want to share my experiences of this years JavaOne conference at San Francisco. I try to summarize the […]

After months of hard work we’ve finally reached our long-term goal to put inspectIT – our powerful software for monitoring and analyzing the performance of software […]

Expert-guided Automatic Diagnosis of Performance Problems in Enterprise Applications at Runtime Quality attributes of enterprise software applications such as performance, availability, and reliability have a […]

I think the “Docker fever” hit me really hard. After gotten introduced to this great gem of virtualization, I really wonder how we ever did […]

I am a lazy guy. I like my systems to be capable of handling some problems that can be occuring by themself. At the project […]

Heureka, finally we managed to release the new version 1.5 of inspectIT. This release was once again quite a big one. Actually we even intended to […]

loadIT is a free of charge load testing tool. In order to generate load on the system under test, loadIT executes scripted tests with multiple […]

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