Task Management ist sicher kein Thema auf dem Gartner Hype Cycle. Und dennoch ist es ein wichtiges Thema bei vielen größeren Unternehmen, vor allen auch […]

NovaTec took part in this year’s W-JAX conference in Munich and I was glad to follow some of the interesting talks about Apache Kafka. By […]

BPM projects often start with a simple process model. But from experience the process model complexity grows with the project time and it is needed to test […]

In one of our Camunda BPM projects we had to implement a shared process model for multiple tenants. This is typically no problem. But in […]

Again, a year has passed since our last blog post and so the time has come that Kerstin, Benjamin and I will tell you about […]

Eine Workflow-Engine oder auch Geschäftsprozess-Engine ist eine Software die es ermöglicht modellierte Arbeitsabläufe auszuführen. Dabei stehen die immer gleich ablaufenden Arbeitsabläufe oder auch Prozesse im […]

Time is money. This phrase, used by Benjamin Franklin, often also holds in the context of business process management. With the feature I implemented for […]

It has been about one year since Eberhard posted about our cockpit statistics community contribution to the open source bpm framework Camunda BPM. In this […]

In the course of the extension of our cockpit statistics community contribution to the open source BPM framework Camunda BPM, described by Eric in the […]

The camunda Cockpit Statistics Plugin is a camunda BPM community extension, which provides a statistics plugin for the camunda Cockpit. It creates a set of […]

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