Maintaining Xcode on a CI server has always been a hassle. Over the past we suffered through different solutions, from connection via VNC and updating Xcode […]

Over the last four years we have been using Flyway to migrate our databases in a large client project. The project involves 100+ people in […]

After almost one year of hard work the Agile Quality Engineering Team is happy to annouce that testIT LivingDoc is OpenSource. Thank you for your […]

Jez Humble, Mitautor von “Continuous Delivery”, stellt gerne folgende drei Fragen, um zu vermitteln, worum es bei Continuous Integration (CI) wirklich geht: Checkt jeder Entwickler […]

This is the last part of my blog post series about the build tool Gradle. In the other two parts (Part 1, Part 2), I […]

In my previous post of this serie I showed you the meaning of build tools in the software development process. By now you should know, […]

This is going to be a 3-part blog post on my experience with the build tool “Gradle”. In this first part, I want to introduce […]

Problem I am sure (hopefully) everyone is using a Source Code Management System (SCM) for their sourcecode. But what about versioning of your jobs within a continuous […]

I have to say: “I am a big fan of automation”, so I am happy to see that more and more projects integrate continuous integration […]

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