If you have a dog, you will probably know the way how reinforcement learning works – you just haven’t called it that yet. Let’s assume […]

How does the average employee of Novatec look like? In this post we want to investigate deeper generative models in order to solve this question. […]

In this post I want to give you an introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), a kind of artificial neural networks. RNNs have an additional […]

Automation is great! And so I want to automate everything, even during load testing. However one of the most annoying things that constantly comes up […]

In this post, I want to share my experiences within the Landmark Recognition Challenge of Kaggle. Primarily this post gives you an overview of how […]

If you want to learn more about Machine Learning and how to use it there are many great tutorials across the web. In most of […]

Obtaining feedback from a few of your customers is easy. However, imagine that you could ask the whole world! You would know immediately the general […]

Can you get some meaningful results from just a hundred examples? We show you how that is possible.

As described in our previous posts, we created an ARKit-App with Face-Recognition. I will explain how we created our Face-Recognition model. Where to start? Apple’s […]

With Kibana’s machine learning feature you can setup an anomaly detection process in order to detect anomalous patterns in your application’s performance metric data. In […]

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