August 19, 2015

After months of hard work we’ve finally reached our long-term goal to put inspectIT – our powerful software for monitoring and analyzing the performance of software applications – open source!

Even though inspectIT was free of charge since the beginning, we always had in mind to reach the final step: giving all java developers and performance analysts a tool at hand which they can modify / extend / adapt to their requirements and environments as they need it! Thus going open source is our approach to give the great community we encounter every day something back and we truly believe that we can reach and help more people out there to solve their performance problems.

So get over to GitHub and download the latest release or help us improve the tool by forking the repository, creating pull requests or issues you encounter while using it. And if you want to get in touch with us directly to discuss anything about the tool or performance in general, head over to our public Gitter channel. We’ll be happy to answer as fast as possible.

The next exciting major step for us is currently in the making, too: our new inspectIT homepage! So stay tuned as this is planned to happen this year!


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