July 31, 2018

One developer is looking for the right colored marker for the slogan. Another one is putting a sticker on the box. After some discussion, they come to a final conclusion: about their product, about why they exist as a team.

My team did it: They created their own Product Box.

Let me share some more information with you. It seems to be well known but rarely practiced: A product needs a vision. To be more precise: A vision shows us what product we have to deliver. As a team, we must know and understand what we are aiming for. We must truly understand our customers and users with regard to their needs and how we can deliver value to them.

The Product Box is a great game to identify the most valuable features of your product. How did we do this? We designed a box for our product.


  • Few blank boxes, one for each sub-team
  • Colored markers
  • Stickers
  • Whatever you want to give them as artistic gimmicks

Material for creating a Product Box


First, I gave a short introduction about how the Product Box Game works:

“How to create a Product Box” – Introduction

Play the game

We had two teams creating their boxes. We then voted for the winner.


As a team, we achieved great results about the vision of our product and besides that, we had a lot of fun. This game supports my assumption: Visualization and haptic can be essential for stimulating our creativity. Therefore, we really should use this combination more often.

What’s next?

You can use this “Product Box Game” as a first step. In our case, we created “Value Cards” as a next step. Which means that we generated a deeper understanding about how to deliver value to our stakeholders. Now, “Value Cards” is a story for a future blog post.


Innovation Game Product Box, accessed July 18, 2018: http://www.innovationgames.com/product-box/

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