With release 1.8 of our Application Performance Management (APM) tool inspectIT, we integrated a new feature named Automatic Problem Diagnosis. APM tools mainly provide alerting […]

If you want to learn more about Machine Learning and how to use it there are many great tutorials across the web. In most of […]

In my last blog post, you have learnt how to introduce Robolectric. Unfortunately, when you start using Android flavors, the whole concept starts to collapse. […]

Set Of Problems Writing unit tests with the default Android Testing Support library is a time-consuming job. Although it is already possible to use JUnit […]

Most Windows applications can be installed very easily using the graphical installation assistant by clicking Next-Next-Finish. This always works quite the same way regardless of […]

Am 23.04.2013 fand in Frankfurt eine Veranstaltung des itSMF mit dem Titel “Next Generation IT Service Management” statt. Dort waren wir, Christian Mötzing und Stefan […]

Über diese simple Frage ist sicher jeder schon einmal bei der täglichen Arbeit gestolpert. Sei es nach dem Urlaub wenn man die 67. Spam-E-Mail gelöscht […]

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