“Ah hallo äh… Jane! Mit dir habe ich jetzt noch gar nicht gerechnet. Setz dich mal bitte hier in den Meetingraum, ich komme später wieder […]

During all my years as an IT Professional I have seen both sides of the job interview table several times. Whether on one side or […]

In this blog I would like to share my experience with rules and values and why we need both. I hear people often talk about […]

Having worked with Communities of Practice (CoP) for more than seven years now, I want to share some findings around their success factors. While the […]

Many managers worldwide face the task of doing performance evaluation and defining the salaries for their employees. In an Agile environment, where everything is focused […]

Where it all began… Work has changed. This statement affects NovaTec as well as probably every other company out there. In our case more and more […]

When trying to set up self-organizing teams, authority has to be handed over. Management 3.0 offers a very practical method to avoid chaos in this matter: […]

We are living Management 3.0 for some time now, and want to share our experience with it. Take a look at this older post, if […]

Management 3.0 is a set of practices for agile leadership. This post does not describe these practices in detail. Instead, it tries to give you […]

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