WebTester is an open source automation framework for web applications. It is based on Selenium. Years of working with several different automation tools have shown […]

Since you read past the headline I´m guessing you would like to know more about how SAP GUI test automation with Java could work. Well, […]

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. In the mean time a lot has happened. In this post I will get […]

GreenPepper is a powerful tool that supports implementing collaboration driven methods like Behavior Driven Development or Specification By Example. Due to its smart integration into […]

Let´s imagine for a second your boss has a new assignment for you. He wants you to automatically test the structure of generated PDF documents. […]

UI-Tests are one of the more tedious and volatile kinds of tests that need to be implemented. They are code intensive and extremely unstable. But […]

NoSQL databases are getting more and more relevant as new challenges like Big Data or Cloud Computing are becoming part of our daily business. Among […]

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