December 8, 2015

After almost one year of hard work the Agile Quality Engineering Team is happy to annouce that testIT LivingDoc is OpenSource.

Thank you for your patience and for your requests. they have motivated us to achieve the journey !

Now you can finally put you feature documentation, your acceptance tests and the reports of your Continuous Integration Tests into one place in Atlassian Confluence: one real Single Source Of Truth, easy to use, easy to access and highly integrated.

The major advantage of LivingDoc to all other BDD tools: all your business people need to know is the simple syntax of the LivingDoc tables and how to use Confluence. They do not need to deal with Git nor with any text files. You have all the convenience and features of Confluence: easy editing, powerfull granular authorization and centralized  access!


As we already informed you in our last blog LivingDoc is based on the work of the great but deprecated GreenPepper platform. We have done a lot of refactoring (better modularization and extensibility) , modernization and removed a lot of unuseful and deprected stuff like support for old confluence markup, support for xWiki a.s.o.

We have focused our work on supporting Atlassian Confluence 5.x.x and upper. We have also added many features that we have been missing in GreenPepper like:


  • Integrated documentation theme
  • Redesign of the configuration pages based on native confluence components
  • Make your example more readable: no more need to write fixtures and methods in camel case, instead the new annotations @FixtureClass (“<name>”) to annotate classes and @Alias(“<name>”) to annotate Methods can be used.
  • More powerful lifecycle control with many new annotations like @BeforeTable, @AfterTable a.s.o.
  • Centralized definition of fixture packages to be imported
  • Jenkins Plugin that persists the results back to confluence
  • Easy Gradle integration
  • And much more


You can find more information and guides about using LivingDoc and developing your own fixtures and automation layer in the documentations space.

If you want to explore the code or contribute to it just visit the projects GitHub site. We will be publishing other plugins like eclipse and jenkins in the next couple of weeks.

Just write an issue there , make a pull request or write us an email.

We will be glad to help you try , roll out and use the LivingDoc platform to make your application lifecycle process more effective and more efficient !

In addition to that we provide Trainings and Webinars about Specifiying and automating acceptance tests with LivingDoc. Just check our trainings page!

We could also provide individual inhouse trainings and workshops. Just drop us an email if you are interested.

Enjoy it!

Anis Ben Hamidene


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